Go and Love Canada existing Programs in Myanmar:


Food Distribution Program

It was started in 2020 due to the pandemic. Starting from April this year, we will send food packages to about 1,000 persons in orphanages, churches and communities in 17 sites all over Yangon, Rakhine and Shan states.  The program will be reviewed every three months and continue if needed.

Youth leadership development program
In order to provide a certain sense of normalcy for the young people, the weekly virtual program conducted by a Canadian team continues, wherever the internet is available.  

university scholarship PROGRAM
With pandemic and political turmoil, universities were closed. Local churches are conducting English and computer classes for their youngsters in their neighbourhood. We are exploring the possibility of offering support in online accredited university education programs for the university students. Internet interruption is a major concern.

Donations can be made online: www.golovefoundation.ca\donations; or by cheque payable to “Go and Love Foundation Canada” and mail to: 24-155 East Beaver Creek Road, Suite 224, Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 2N1. Contact person:  Ms. Amanda Cheng, email – office@golovefoundation.ca or phone 416-321-1699.

Go and Love Foundation Canada

Go and Love Foundation Canada is a non‐profit, non‐government organization founded in 2006. Powered by the great love of our Lord Jesus to fulfill the Great Commission, we aim to preach the Gospel with our voice and witness His love with our action. We seek to join hands and move forward alongside with ministry partners from different parts of the world who share the same ideals and goals with us. Exercising the gifts we each have been given, we endeavor to share our experience and resources to co‐work with and support each other, laboring to broaden our ministry network, preaching to further the Gospel to the end of the earth.

Medical Services

Lacking medical facilities and shortage of medicine are very common in underprivileged areas. Without a good health and not being able to work, people are in the vicious cycle of poverty. Partnering with local organizations and working with medical charity groups, we reach out to these people and provide the medical care they need.


Children who live in poverty usually suffer from missing school. The percentage of illiteracy is high. Children are required to help their mother in the family with chores or their father to make their living. Financial aids to children in school, or supporting local charity groups are some of our initiatives in education.

Community Development

Partnering with the local government, we help villages to create a more sustainable environment by building different forms of infrastructure. Examples are water purification and eco-toilet construction.